Saturday, May 29, 2010

I will never bid you goodbye...

I had written this poem a few years back but somehow everytime I read this poem, it just seems to hit me even harder and as even more friends seem to drift away from my life, this poem seemed extremely relevant at present.

Sometimes I don’t know why,
I feel I have lost
A bit too much in my way of life.
Like scattered pebbles,
Moments passed haunt back,
Memories never die.
And when I reminisce a beloved’s journey
Away from my life,
I wish I could speak better than just that goodbye…

It’s not easy to bond…
It’s harder to untie,
Those chords sweetly wound over
Abysses of time.
Which might be just a season as per the sand clocks time
But in life it’s a reason enough to
Recall and try.
To live in the old glory of bygone ties,
Away as they drift- my pals,
I wish I could say better than just goodbyes…

To live and see others go,
It’s a common sight,
But to live without the hope
That they might retrace their paths back,
Is what makes you cry …
And still as the loves of my life drift away,
I can't but silently watch all the way.
And wait for a miracle to defy the order of time;
And wish I met them all once again, at least before I die…
And yet I fall short of words,
I wish I could have the strength to undo the ‘goodbyes’.

Every time you see a friend move away,
Hold her hand and ask her to stay…
Strike when the time is ripe;
So that you needn’t sit and reminisce
And ponder over what she would have told-
Could she have gone away?
Had you not said the ‘goodbye’?
I wish I could be braver
To hold back people in my life,
I wish I had the guts to say-
“ I will never bid you goodbye."
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