Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A letter from the past...

Sundays are always reserved for cleaning up my room, cupboard and drawers and rummaging through my drawers always brings up some memorabilia that touches a raw nerve somewhere . I love keeping notes, letters, old photographs, cards and other stuff (which might seem like junk to other people) but never fail to bring back old memories. Today, I came across this really old letter that I had written for a loved one after we had decided to part our ways. My handwriting seems so different in this letter and it seems even more ancient because it has been written with an ink pen. Some of the words have faded and the letter seems all frayed with creases because of the numerous times that I have unfolded, read and then re-folded the letter to keep it back inside the envelope. I'm posting certain parts of the letter here because I felt like sharing it...

Incidentally, the letter was never read by the person whom it was written for. She sent back the letter without reading it :)


It's rightly said that you don’t know what you have until its gone. It’s also rightly said that words are a poor medium of expression. But I’ll still try to pen down those things that I could never express and which were left unsaid. How I wish time had stood still! How I wish you had heard the unsaid! How I wish that life wasn't so unfair! How I wish we could hold hands and live our dream again!How I wish I could be there when you really needed me! How I wish I could say that ‘sorry’ when it really mattered! How I wish I could take back those harsh words that I had spoken! How I wish I could give you that hug during all those lonely times! How I wish I could listen to the music of the stars with you again! How I wish I could whisper those ‘magical words’ when you really wanted to hear them!How I wish I could show you that you are my only one! How I wish I knew then that love is not just about caring, but also about sharing! How I wish I could get you to stay back when you loved me! How I wish I hadn’t been so blind to your true feelings! How I wish I had said and done those little things that really matter! How I wish I could undo all those things that went wrong! How I wish I had told you how happy I was that you were mine! How I wish I could see that warmth in your eyes again! How I wish you knew you were always on my mind! How I really wish I had spoken my silence in words…

Anyway, I won’t drag this letter too much. I won’t make it more difficult for you by talking about old memories. This letter is just a confession. A confession of my regret and a confession of my undying love. You must be wondering why I’m not sitting beside you while you’re reading this letter and watching you read. It’s because I’ve realized that I’ve wronged you and what would be worse would be to force you to come back, so I’ve left my silence and absence with you wrapped in this envelope until you wish to come back to me. I can only hope that you always remember me, remember us and the special bond that we shared. And as years go by, our paths will get separated, we might drift apart completely and we might never meet again, but if you ever think of me, will you remember that I love you very much?

Wishing you all the best in life,
Your Superman

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A costly city kiss..

Again, an attempt at something different :) I've tried to capture the New York nightlife of the yesteryears. The kind of nightlife that I've only read in books written by American authors like O.Henry. His 'The Cop and the Anthem' being a perfect example of that. This poem is dedicated to O.Henry, the man who introduced me to the beautiful world of witty short stories with the characteristic O.Henry twist ending :)

Shielding maddening spheres of life,
Idling melancholic needles of time,
Dwindling stress in remote corners behind,
Whistled away blues in the jazz of a pub.

Midnight calling of cathedral chimes,
Saxophone roars a sore penultimate tune.
5 Dollars on amber beer and ashen smoke,
Laden yet; Graven misery and growing paunch.

Gothic lovers lost in central park,
Snorting snuff and ringed tongues entwined,
Buxom harlots tempt beneath helium bright,
Pampering loners treading in city’s lights.

Fencing thoughts and gusty gale so might,
Waddling solitary in streets silvery white,
A feeling electric; suddenly arose alive,
As hands feminine grasped on mine tonight.

Shielding her from the flakes of snow,
An angel; Nay lady one of vibrant sight.
Feminine musk of vanilla blossoms myriad,
Brought coziness into my canopy’s delight.

She kissed; then merged onto subway crowd,
Happiness crept the barracks of my spine,
Feminity- thou art truly creations elixir,
Realized it vagrant; when groped purse same night.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Bumblebee's brush with death

Ok, I've tried my hand at something different here. It even has a moral that God cares for all his creations. I hope you like this poem. :)

Tangled in a wide spider web,
Struggled a big fat bee;
It buzzed and kicked in all its might,
But was sprawled in the cobwebs maze.

Far across, from a distant pole,
He saw those mighty legs;
Death crawling, with creepy eyes,
He knew of his helplessness.

Cornered, looked the poor sad bee,
Far into natures face;
The flowers blossomed in joy of spring,
Beckoned him all in glee.

Desired; yellow and brown stripped bee,
To fly in his state of bliss;
Kiss fresh daffodils in prime of spring,
And dance with his friends in hives.

Came the hairy giant spider,
Dressed in green fluorescent daze;
Poison glistening from her fangs,
She cocooned the fear filled bee.

Depressed, seeing the lush green grass,
Laid our beige sweet bee;
Poison surging through his veins,
He sat stiff; for impending death.

Soon, out from space somewhere,
Came forth the gardener’s hand;
Lashed his tool at the cobweb there,
And soon free, was our fine sweet bee.

Thank you readers :)

Yes, I am back! Posting after a few months! I would like to thank all my blog readers who have shown patience and kept dropping in comments. Its your positive comments that keeps encouraging me and motivating me to post in this blog. Otherwise I would have given up on this blog long time back, considering my time constraints and lethargic nature. I am extremely grateful to all of you and will try and get regular with the posts here as well :)
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