Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lust- A Haiku necklace

I was going through my old posts and I realised that the last time I posted a haiku was almost 18 months back!!! So I thought I'll post a haiku necklace(Haikus stringed like pearls to form a poem) to make up for all the haikus I should have posted in the last year and a half.

For those who are new to the land of Haikus - Haiku is a Japanese lyric form that has seventeen syllables, arranged in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables each; usually invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.
It consists of two sentences, separated by a puntuation mark, and usually, the last line holds a sort of key to the verse, a point to drive home so to speak.It is usually build around the beauty and feelings depicted by nature.

Ivy creeps and twines,
Your body is close to mine,
I'll not let thee go!

Grapes sweeten thy lips,
Succulent,smooth,temptous red,
O what thirst I feel.

Bosoms heave in heat,
Mangoes ripened calls me near,
On them soon I feast.

Twilight plays on skin,
Your navel licked; then I kissed.
Clenched your toes in haste.

Blissful moans I hear,
As I merge,blend into ye,
Drenched in passions rain.

Cool mist gentle touched,
Our bodies on green moss laid,
Thus this Haiku ends.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Symphony

Beating of your heart,
Rhythm of my pulse.

Flutter of your eyelashes,
Melody of my breathing.

Tingle in your spine,
Quiver on my lips.

Whisper of your eyes,
Murmur of my soul.

Your pleasurable sigh,
My passionate moan.

Our world.
Our symphony.
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