Sunday, April 25, 2010

When you bury me..

Lay me not; in coffins of mahogany red, or golden brown,
Nor in caskets of ebony; shiny, and chocolate dark,
Cover me nay in shrouds; intricate with designs, embroidered in silver threads,
But in a coffin of cheap old wood, covered in a white spun cloth let me sleep.

Take me not; as ashes in pots painted with fabric golden paints,
Or cremate me in fires burning yellow, with fragrance rich of sandalwoods,
Flow nay thee; my remains in currents and waters of holy Ganges’ charm,
Burn me with dry rubber wood, and flow me in a nameless, sweet gurgling stream so small.

Make not please; an ivory tomb flawless in thy love for me,
Or a garden laden with flowers, and lush green grass smiling at the place where I lay,
Nay come ye; with colorful bouquets, or garlands to adorn, on the day or time I died,
Let me sleep now, with neither threads nor strings attached,
Interred with my bones, in an unmarked place.

Bury me not; underneath cold polished granite tombs,
Neither beside smooth white marble engraved headstones,
Nor in my family grave, with epitaphs inscribed in praise of me.
Let me lie; beneath an unmarked grave,
In the bright shining sun, and nights chilling starry skies,
Unkempt green grass, and touch me not weeds growing wildly over me,
Six feet deep, sleeping, dreaming and lying still,
Till my soul flies off, and my body putrid goes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time Flies...

I've made an effort to capture a father-daughter relationship in this poem. :) Not sure as to how far I've succeeded though. Do read the poem and let me know what you think.

She raised her fist
up to him;
with a tender plea
in her eyes.

Too scared to open
her palm;
lest it escapes and flies

She looks up to him
and says,
I have put all my wishes in here
and they're only for you.

I don’t know how a wish
so I blew a kiss in my

And am holding it tight
in there...
will you always keep it
with you?

And he picks her up in his
and hugs her close and

Kisses the top of her
and says to her, yes,
my princess...

Gently takes her kiss out
of her palm;
and puts it on his beating

She beams in joy and hugs
him back;
you have made my day,
dear dad...

He is jolted out of his
standing, holding her hand
at the aisle.

And a lone tear escapes his
how fleeting is the time,
how time flies...

Just before he gives her away
to her man;
he blows a kiss, a teary kiss,
in her hand.

And before he could say anything
to her,
she understands and holds his hand

I will always keep this kiss in my heart,
she whispers in his ears...
I will always remain your child and princess,
daddy dear...
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