Sunday, July 25, 2010

An incomplete rendezvous

I saw a painting hung on the wall,
A girl and a boy.
Coloured with black and white
Grey leaves and a grass portrait.
Nimble toes and taut shin.
Doe-eyed girl, her flowing tresses,
The boy entangled in the tumbling twirls.
Both draped in muslin with fragile love.
Black bamboos lurking with fear,
Ominous milieu and a smile rinsed with tear.
Elusive feelings with silence so near
Stenciled silhouette wafted into the night.
With spirit and sinew, he gave it his all,
Holding her close, bare arms and a naked fall
His moonlit face and her timid lips,
Beaded dewdrops could steal a kiss.
But the breeze played truant, and the curtains drew
On an incomplete rendezvous.
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