Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Au Revoir

Tooty fruity dreams.
candy floss wants.
Hiding and seeking
with a feeling
of wonder.

Believing with the
transparency of the

No bounds for the
hope, hope remained
free of shackles.

Scribbling on the sand,
flying kites,
and watching, as with them,
our delights soared high.

Forgetting the hurt in a
blink of the eye.
and keeping in mind
the joy of a hug,
and the bliss in a

Not doubting for a moment
the marvel, the magic,
told in tales of
the fairies.
Absorbed in innocence,
accepting the subsistence
of Santa, and his Rudolf,
with a nose like cherry.

The wonder of being
a kid, with the wonder
and the belief in
magic, in a heart that
is innocent.

I look around me now,
and find that the
scepticism has invaded
me, the wonder has
died, and the magic
is absent.

I sigh, and look behind
my shoulder, gazing
at the childhood that
seems afar.

And I wonder,
why, to my childhood, I said
goodbye, and not
Au Revoir.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making Love...Haiku no. 7

Waves kiss basking sands,
I'll paint with my lips on ye.
Dear make love to thee !

The Rainbow...Haiku no. 6

Spectrum smiles in skies,
An effect so prismatic,
Makes me dance in glee !

Sunset Nears..Haiku no. 5

I know I haven't posted for almost a fortnight but I've been really busy with work :( Although, I've tried to make up for it by posting these 3 haikus.

Carmine skyline came,
Climaxed yet another day.
Soon nights curtain fell.
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