Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Au Revoir

Tooty fruity dreams.
candy floss wants.
Hiding and seeking
with a feeling
of wonder.

Believing with the
transparency of the

No bounds for the
hope, hope remained
free of shackles.

Scribbling on the sand,
flying kites,
and watching, as with them,
our delights soared high.

Forgetting the hurt in a
blink of the eye.
and keeping in mind
the joy of a hug,
and the bliss in a

Not doubting for a moment
the marvel, the magic,
told in tales of
the fairies.
Absorbed in innocence,
accepting the subsistence
of Santa, and his Rudolf,
with a nose like cherry.

The wonder of being
a kid, with the wonder
and the belief in
magic, in a heart that
is innocent.

I look around me now,
and find that the
scepticism has invaded
me, the wonder has
died, and the magic
is absent.

I sigh, and look behind
my shoulder, gazing
at the childhood that
seems afar.

And I wonder,
why, to my childhood, I said
goodbye, and not
Au Revoir.


dreamer said...

Really you got me wandering down the lanes of time to my childhood where......hopes had no bounds ....and delights soar high....
Thanks for reminding me all the things that I once treasured.....THANKS!!

arpita said...

Strong pictures!

Amitava said...

Wandering Gypsy, this one shines with all the possible colors of rainbows one can capture in a short span of poem.Childhood is always a topic that that indulges us in with sweet memories still this one stands tall with your polished words ,with something new to offer..

Tushar said...

Childhood days, the best of a man's life. Starting life as a child, knowing the troubles as a man, and then in old age, one is said to be travel back to childhood, completing a circle.

So, I say, childhood is never too far for anyone!

Loved the write sir. Salutes!!

Usha said...

Beautifully and naturally put across..!!

Roshan said...

Truly Wordsworthean.

Nikhil said...

More than Life I guess you deserve an embrace..reading this makes the heart so light..childhood dreams n moments,flash by...makes u young again..yearn again..Lovely write Wandering Gypsy...

Kahlen said...

This poem made me miss childhood even more..!
I've been missing it since ever!!!
So obviously, your poem can bring up emotions...
Maybe even a tear appeared somewhere in the middle...

I have reminded myself of a quote from "The Professional",
a movie, where Matilda (Natalie Portman), a 12 year old
girl gets a nose-bleed after getting beat up and she asks Leon
(the main male character of the movie):
"Is it always like this, or only when you're a kid?"
and he answered her "always like this"...

Makes me think: we were lucky to have a good childhood.
No matter what it said to us in the end ;)

But yeah, "au revoir" would have so much more class than


Sunita said...

speechless..........such beauty perfectly woven............loved it gypsy..

Anisha said...

wow....awestruck i am..

this one's virgin beauty!

scribbling on the sand,
flying kites,
and watching, as with them,
our delights soared high.lovd them!


excellent images...
long before the idea of accumulating memories and using them for references..long before when our brain wasn't a reference library...then we knew how to "see"things as they are...not in the way our past wanted us to...
then we just saw beauty only..
liked your blog very much...


great...nostalgia revisited...
i loved the went well with the poem...

thanks for all ur comments...and by the way i never wander with the syllables...



Cynthia said...

Loving, wonderful. Oh yes that
sweetness, you've captured it
all here - Thank you!

matt at shadow of iris said...

This is a very beautiful poem. Thank you.

It's rather ironic, but as a child I couldn't grow up fast enough, but now as an adult, I often want to regain my childhood spontaneity.

Again, a beautiful poem.

Sumira said...

it's a choice we make, i believe. choice to grow out of our fantasy world.

very well written. :)

Sayani said...

freedom has someting to do with free mind and soul...and as we grow up superficial attachment cripple us to the extent that we forget what "free" is?

great portrayal dear...introspective but thought provoking

keep 'em flowing

Anonymous said...

Visual Treat. loved your poems. All of them especially this one. Glad I chanced upon your blog. Keep touch. Thanks for sharing


Nice colours,very charming....Good post!

Sayani said...

hey waiting for next post :)
hope everything fine

Sayani said...

Hey you have been tagged and awarded so check out :)

keep well

dreamer said...

I have a surprise for you at my blog...Read my complete interview to know about it...

TanmoySarkar said...
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ava said...

wow!! that was very well written..i could actually picture the scenes described!! keep it up...cheers!!


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Viyoma R said...

This post is sweet...even more sweeter is the introduction that u have put in...Love it!!!Simply Love it!!

beth said...

Great pictures. You sees to have great poetic skills. By the way nice blog.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

i loved this :)thank you for sharing

Shruthi said...

I dunno if anyone's told yu this but yu should get yur stuff published

Akanksha said...

Beautiful imagery. Seriously. Makes one wonder about why and how did we do THIS to ourselves. But then, maturity, it is a need too. :)

One thing, u could have done without the last two stanzas.

jayanthi said...

splendid poem!!! kudos to this one.i just happen to stumble upon ur blog accidently..must say ur "ABOUT ME" description is absolutely captivating and interesting :)

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