Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Bumblebee's brush with death

Ok, I've tried my hand at something different here. It even has a moral that God cares for all his creations. I hope you like this poem. :)

Tangled in a wide spider web,
Struggled a big fat bee;
It buzzed and kicked in all its might,
But was sprawled in the cobwebs maze.

Far across, from a distant pole,
He saw those mighty legs;
Death crawling, with creepy eyes,
He knew of his helplessness.

Cornered, looked the poor sad bee,
Far into natures face;
The flowers blossomed in joy of spring,
Beckoned him all in glee.

Desired; yellow and brown stripped bee,
To fly in his state of bliss;
Kiss fresh daffodils in prime of spring,
And dance with his friends in hives.

Came the hairy giant spider,
Dressed in green fluorescent daze;
Poison glistening from her fangs,
She cocooned the fear filled bee.

Depressed, seeing the lush green grass,
Laid our beige sweet bee;
Poison surging through his veins,
He sat stiff; for impending death.

Soon, out from space somewhere,
Came forth the gardener’s hand;
Lashed his tool at the cobweb there,
And soon free, was our fine sweet bee.


Tushar said...

Ha! Wandering Gypsy... wonderful write...
the details of each aspect of nature here.. be it the bee, spider or the gardener... real clarity of vision vivid strokes!:)

And of course the twist in the end... ur signature line!

Tushar said...
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arpita said...

wonderfully weaved..
loved the 'U' turn at the end..

Gaurav said...

Good write...
The way the pace was kept between present n future in every stanza was impressive..
Have not read lots of your writes cos I am new to this, so can't compare it to any early ones. :)
And the twist in the end was thoughtful....

Rohan said...

Whooa.. God cares for all his creations !! - so very true , beautifully written mate,really good job !

riya manna said...
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Akanksha said...

Didn't like it much.
Though I appreciate the style u have taken up. Personally I like the way this one is diff from all the others, as in it is very childish and somehow just not u. Though in some places u go back to being u.
Could be better.
Don't ask me how, scholar.
Wish it could make me - ":)"

The Wandering Gypsy said...

Yes, its not my best for sure :) Lately, I'm just trying my hand at a different style. If it doesn't work out, I can always go back to being me :)

we_stuffdreamsaremadeof said...
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No.More.Misery said...

A beautiful poem. (:

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