Friday, December 11, 2009

Love story of Sand and Sea..

Liquid sapphire married the cerulean sky,
Bond awesome, yet longingly she cried for me.
Far away I lay down sprawled across the beach,
Shore they call me- A poet lost in sad sleep.

All day long wailing from horizon’s abode,
Wave’s frothy kisses drench me, in her love white.
Brimming love when I etch, as poems on wet sands,
Splashing she washes, tearfully scared of sky’s might.

Sky darkened, clouds thunder as he knew our love,
Whips of lightning strikes my beloved’s brow.
Anger raging, my love lashes herself on cliffs,
Tried to kill herself; but thought of me then quit.

Crimson dusk seeping; tired now sky sleeps.
Yearning, gentle with love her tides on me softly creep.
Simmering in warmth of passion, as we made out,
Subtle moans echoed- my lips inscribed poems on her.

Morning smiled; arose the clear blue sky,
Dissolving, longing yet another day of wait.
Seagulls flying, cooing in tune to our nights song,
I’ll be here; coarse sands basked- fast dear come tonight!


Akanksha Arya said...

"A poet lost in sad sleep" - :)

Love the image. And the content and thought behind this one. However, I think in the second last verse, you could have done without the inscribed poems; just sounds fake.
And I (absolutely) love the first few lines!

Durjoy Datta said...

ok, commenting here for the first time although i've seen ur poetry skills before nd thought u are just awesome.

i'll mention the small, subtle points because the others will anyway mention the rest of it.

sand=liquid saphire...vivid imagination, i must say.
shore= poets sad sleep, is another perfect liner to begin the story of love.

Th enemy sky trying to kill the love/relationship in the 3rd stanza is the perfect element to add and nicely portrayed.

Some extremely unique, vivid, vibrant and imaginative lines used in the poem which give it a nice meaning.

A nice finish, with a morning scene- a touch of class!

Usha said... sand and sea....!
brilliant craftsmanship here wandering gypsy... mastery of vocab... just the right words and tone too...
a lovely love story indeed!

Tushar said...
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Tushar said...

Wandering Gypsy, this is one of the most beautifully written love stories I have ever read. Very good symbolism and analogy using the sand and the sea in lovely poetry.

Aamna said...

wow Wandering Gypsy!! you are so good with ur words and you choose them well...
its a beauty!

Amitava said...
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Amitava said...

Another classic piece from your pen..I personally think you write love stories and poems with elements of nostalgia best.

Stunning, imaginative and wonderfully expressed.

I'm recommending your name to a publisher friend. Expect a call soon :)

Nikhil said...

fantastic...very good wandering gypsy...a sheer stand out...anythn more wl b cmplt waste of ur work n devaluation or low valuation of ur decidedly silent dis tym...

hats off.

Nikhil said...
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arpita said...

Far away I lay down sprawled across the beach,
Shore they call me- A poet lost in sad sleep.

Now that was a beauty !! And the lines above are just too good sirji. Im reading something from you after a while and its great to once again see your picturesque, highly descriptive writes brimming with an awesome imagery.

Kudos Wandering Gypsy.

Aanchal said...

what an alluring and enthralling imagination u hold beyond anyone else's vision...
the obscure coveted desire of sea shore and the waves and the trepidation of the skies over them yet they love each other ardently away from fears …they wait to be in love with through out the night…still hesitate from their might… even then they passionately love each other....truly enchanting in visualizing…….too good …admirations beyond my expression!!!

Arkadeb said...

The cadence in the verses builds a drivng impetus for the reader to continue to the end. The creative write did more than hold my interest...the images were clear and would not let go of me until it was finished...

Something different from you Wandering Gypsy! But another way that you show us your deep talent...

Gerry Boyd said...


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