Monday, January 25, 2010

Freedom was never free...

I had actually written this poem a few years back. I was going through my old diary entries today and came across it which was quite a sweet coincidence considering that tomorrow is Republic Day. So I thought I'll post it :) Btw Happy Republic Day to all fellow Indians :)

A broken heart
Devoid of hope.

Crying eyes,
With no will to cope.

A battered spirit
Forced to move on.

A worn out soul
Shorn of a chimera of a peaceful dawn.

A hand robbed of pen
And given a gun instead.

An artist stripped of colour
And made to play with blood.

A poet deprived of his thoughts
And forced to say what men in power want.

A composer deprived of peaceful melody
And coerced to compose a song of war that haunts.

A child wizened before his time
To fend for his family when his father is at the front.

A wife living a hell everyday
Hiding from the truth that she cannot confront.

Will they ever come back?
Will we see them again?

Will their sacrifice be justified?
Will it help the peace to reign?

As you and I sleep on our beds
Blissfully ignorant of the price someone paid.

For letting us have the freedom,
In the murky waters of politics, to wade.

When will we wake up from this slumber?
When will we realise and when will we see?

That the fabricated liberty that we enjoy
Is a sham, that our freedom was never free…


theScorpianVJ said...

it is a brilliant poem. i also loved the pic in the beginning. It is really thought provoking and if u wrote this in school then hats off to ur talent :)
Happy republic day!

Abhinav said...

The song "Ae mere watan ke logo" by Lata Mangeshkar is playing in the background, and the fact that this poem strikes such a chord with that song says all about how well put it is. And it is time we realise what you meant to convey and put our petty differences aside for the greater good of our nation. :)

P.S happy republic day!

AA said...

Nice :)

madison said...

Darling, this is fantastic. I stumbled across your blog and found myself captivated. It's glorious. Please visit my personal blog sometime;

Afternoon Tea:

Soumya said...

Sadly true...and a very nice write..a diff take on social bondage managed skillfully...wonderful write Wandering gypsyi..

Rajarshi said...

masterly written... feelings so well evoked.
thought-stirring one. :)

fatema rangwalla said...

I am in love with this poetry , oh my god , i love such thought provoking poems , the feeling it gives , i just love to get it in my poems , i somehow haven't mastered the skill yet , good one keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Very well written. Correct use of literary words. Good work. :)

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