Friday, February 26, 2010

The fallen pride

Amidst the branches of a sycamore tree,
Sprouted a new leaf, a very fine leaf.
Covered in shades of lustrous green,
She swayed in pride, with her sheen pristine.

Across a loose twig on the very same tree,
Aged an old leaf, lone in her tremulous trill.
Cloaked in a russet, she too sang her song,
Rustling amongst others in the springtime breeze.

One bright morning as the great sun shined,
Smirked the new leaf, at the aging one.
Mockingly, she giggled at the lonely leaf,
As she rubbed her coat, and shined in the rising sun.

Nay! Laugh ye, O my lovely little one,
For I was once a leaf, more charmed than ye.
Time and autumn but soon shall hail,
Erode us both, and be shed by our mother tree.

Soon a lumberjack’s axe did fall,
Out on a branch of the very same tree,
Fell our new leaf, bleeding to the ground,
Bruised, trodden- her pride had proven costly.


Amitava said...

Neat language and sentence construction. A simple poem with a timeless message and presented well. Nice one, Wandering Gypsy :)

Sayani said...

hi there
You are just a awesome word player .
Hats off...keep weaving these words and keep sharing the joy :)

Thanks for dropping by's a comeback for me :)

take care

Tushar said...

Beautiful concept..and liked the way you brought it forth. A special note on your language- I think the words you use are the best fitted for the situation, they add to the beauty of your lines.
Keep it up.

Archana said...

a lovely write...simple, great vocab...a beautiful message conveyed...never take pride in beauty and youth...for time erases them....don't mock at those who are lesser than you for nothing is permanent... :)

Sneha said...

great work yet again!!
u manage to weave words n thoughts seamlessly into each other--
d end result!! sheer magical poetry!!!
i really enjoyed readin it!! :)

Lydia said...

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Latha said...

as good as straight from poetry texts :)

A beautifully penned write with a gr8 underlying message!!! as usual a treat for the senses....Just got me thinking how fragile our joys are, we never know what the next moment brings..

matt at shadow of iris said...

This is such an excellent poem! Thank you.

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