Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marital Rape

I had written this poem some years back to highlight an issue, which however much denied and suppressed, sadly exists in our society. The style I've used for the poem is slightly crude and raw; but that has been intentionally done to bring home the bitter truth in a more hard-hitting manner.

Like a caged animal,
she crouches in the nook;
trembling with fear,
to see that lust filled look.

No strength to fight,
no power to protect;
life’s become a nightmare,
filled with misery and abject.

He comes close and
touches her skin;
and the frightening episode
again begins.

She cringes and cowers,
she begs and pleads;
but to her cry he doesn’t
give a heed.

I married you, and I can do with you
as and when I please;
my wishes you will fulfil
and my whims you shall appease.

And another educated woman gives in
for she is too scared to escape;
and another educated man,
continues the marital rape.


arpita said...


A pertinent poem, which puts across a truth that, however much is denied, still is...

The way you have described the plight of women trapped in this helpless situation is commendable.
We would not know for sure if its the kind of forced 'love',the assertion of conjugal rights,the display of male power, or sheer insensitivity ,that a man tries to express n implement in a marital rape.
But whatever are his reasons...they need to fall in place,be addressed and the sensitivity of his wife taken care of..

A thought-provoking write :)

Surbhi Jain said...

I loved the words!! They say so much about the state of women even in the modern society! It shows the intricacies of a woman so well!! Loved the write-up!!

Viyoma R said...

Distusting Act, but loved your way of expressing them in words.

Your words made it sound so real!!

Phoenixritu said...

Oh my goodness! That was impactful!

Aathira said...

True to every word!

Soumya said...

Bernard Shaw was correct to say ' Marriage is the legal prostitution'? ...a strong strong angle wandering this part of yours.

Meena said...

I've always loved your poems.. No exception this time.. everything is impeccable as always.. your words, expressions, flow... everything!!! Good you've opted such a topic... it's laudable.. keep penning....

Amitava said...

A highly creative work that raises a burning social issue especially in the Indian context. Education and economic independence gives women a chance to walk out of such marriages as reflected in the growing instances of divorce cases intiated by women; but as the poem rightly points out even educated women tend to accept such things as their lot, coz of social conditioning.

Sharath said...

A very delicate theme interlaced with aptly weighed words..
An epitome of a what better way?
A perfectly didactic write sir..

Usha said...

Sounds like it captures the cruelity of this bond some take for granted 'bliss'..

Identify with every word, wandering Gypsy :)

Jatin said...

It is like a tight slap for those social "animals" who do not understand their wives......
after all she is a human...

standing ovation for this....Gypsy =)

Tushar said...

the poetry is intense and shows the helpless state of affairs...and the last lines are the best..they recognize both are trapped in a cycle of violence. Kudos to this bold write of yours, Abhi! Bravo!

Surbhi Jain said...

I have also written a poem on marital rape! You can find it at:

the wall within me.... said...

its a very sensitive topic that you have picked up here. however the language isn't that raw as u mentioned. it is needed when covering an issue like this.. it's good to know people give a thought to such incidents..keep it up!

Smerica Anderjones said...

Thats pretty touching.
I also love your photos and your header is amazing! :)
Where do you do it?
Do you take all your photos? :)
Huggs xx

Surbhi Jain said...

I think there is some problem with your blog layout. Your write ups are not cearly visible due to that problem. Kindly check.

The Wandering Gypsy said...

@ Smerica Anderjones: Glad you liked my blog. Not all photos are clicked by me; some are clicked by friends and some others are stock photos :)

The Wandering Gypsy said...

@Surbhi: Glad to see you here!

And yeah, there's some problem with my blog and I don't know what to do about it :( But the problem mostly occurs if you're using Chrome as a browser.


oh wow...this is really hard hitting...and very effectively presented...

thanks for the wonderful read



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