Sunday, April 25, 2010

When you bury me..

Lay me not; in coffins of mahogany red, or golden brown,
Nor in caskets of ebony; shiny, and chocolate dark,
Cover me nay in shrouds; intricate with designs, embroidered in silver threads,
But in a coffin of cheap old wood, covered in a white spun cloth let me sleep.

Take me not; as ashes in pots painted with fabric golden paints,
Or cremate me in fires burning yellow, with fragrance rich of sandalwoods,
Flow nay thee; my remains in currents and waters of holy Ganges’ charm,
Burn me with dry rubber wood, and flow me in a nameless, sweet gurgling stream so small.

Make not please; an ivory tomb flawless in thy love for me,
Or a garden laden with flowers, and lush green grass smiling at the place where I lay,
Nay come ye; with colorful bouquets, or garlands to adorn, on the day or time I died,
Let me sleep now, with neither threads nor strings attached,
Interred with my bones, in an unmarked place.

Bury me not; underneath cold polished granite tombs,
Neither beside smooth white marble engraved headstones,
Nor in my family grave, with epitaphs inscribed in praise of me.
Let me lie; beneath an unmarked grave,
In the bright shining sun, and nights chilling starry skies,
Unkempt green grass, and touch me not weeds growing wildly over me,
Six feet deep, sleeping, dreaming and lying still,
Till my soul flies off, and my body putrid goes.


Surbhi Jain said...

beautifully crafted.....
Loved the words!!

AA said...

^ [2] :)

Akanksha Arya said...

Loved the thought. :)

Matt D said...


Surbhi Jain said...

Blog award waiting for you at my blog :)

shail2chouhan said...

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Jinu said...

great......touches on possibly every kind of person in this world, and the rest, is in the poem for the reader to define, what he intends to understand!

great work!!

Amitava said...

Never knew that a topic like this could ever be so appealing, soulful, enriching and enchanting... burial! And one's own too.
I guess that is because you have approached the subject with love, gentleness, filled it with beauty and not despair!
I LOVED THIS!! Abhi, i marvel, again and again at thee!

Latha said...

Wandering Gypsy, here is a 21-gun salute
i just marvel at the way to weave these words of passion about life and death!

Deboshree said...

Death, the great leveller..
I loved the essence of this one..your work is simply superb!

Anonymous said...

good thinking.. resonance here!!!

let us be dust at the end!!

Vishal said...

reading this poem of urs i remembered HARIVANSHRAI BACHHAN'S "MADHUSHALA"
he has written a similar write in that book!
great write buddy!

arpita said...

I love the way you take each subject you write of from the level of almost complete despair up the stairway of hope and realization that good exists. Very well put together, Abhi . I absolutely loved it!

Shobhit said...

"Let me sleep now, with neither threads nor strings attached",

wah, real touch here!
an unattached corpse!

Alisha said...

Oh I missed this. A lovely write like all yours!!

the parable of rich man and lazarus in Bible came to my mind.
Incomplete to quote it separately, but still cant help it( am ruled by habits):)
"the beggar died and he was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom. The rich man also died, and he had a funeral"

David said...

Unkempt green grass, and touch me not weeds growing wildly over me,
Six feet deep, sleeping, dreaming and lying still,
Till my soul flies off, and my body putrid goes.

I’m rendered speechless! All I can say is “WOW”!! What a flow of imagination! Wandering Gypsy, my pal, you are the best writer that I’ve ever come across. Are you a professional writer?
This is sheer talent! Amazing..!!!

Shaun said...

God bless those whose deeds are golden rather than their tombs. this poem is a treasure worth saving and not burying...i am just learning how to use the words and make them so meaningful..simply great bro..

Thanks for the poem.

And I forgot to mention that the poem has a good rhythm and flow of words.

Tushar said...

I can see what you're trying to do with such poetry, Abhi.

You're trying to achieve immortality :D And man, you're doing a good job of achieving it!

Masterpieces like this shall be taught in classrooms in a few years..mark my words! Just give it some time.

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