Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Foot Full of Splinters

Another one of those random, impromptu scribbles. Not expecting too comments for this one.

I see a strip of sand,
Pebbled at the point where land meets the sea.
And a sea contoured in shingle.
Umpteen quartz dune on the shore,
Crest and troughs,
And an hour glass in the horizon
Running out on time.
A time of purple clouds,
Suspended hopes,
and a fading rainbow.
With a quiet adieu
The sun goes down
My thoughts saunter back
With a foot full of splinters.


Arpita Roy said...

Awesome! For two unique comparisons. Firstly, I felt that I was on the beach..staring at the waves...And yes, if you stare for long, the leg does go to sleep..The tingling sensation like needles prickling being compared to splinters is a bri...lliant comparison!
Secondly, the concept of nature's hourglass shifting sands from land and sea being timeless is a unique theme and has been excellently displayed!

This poem is a breath of fresh air and a mark of a seasoned veteran! Felt as if you were sitting on the beach and posting this one. Timeless!

P@ul@mi said...

the splinters remind us of the lost time, the memories here and there and some in between nowhere. and the purple clouds...

Anonymous said...

Beautifulcomposition flowing so naturally!

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