Saturday, November 6, 2010

A lost life..

Its rightly said that you don’t know what you have until its gone. There's a quote by Chuck Palahniuk which seems extremely ironic, “If people thought you were dying, they would give you their full attention.”

I wish we would pay more attention to our near and dear ones while they're still around :)

This one is for a friend who had committed suicide a few years back. I still miss her terribly.

One day under the firmament fiery, she wove a coloured dream
A wish she blew, all pure and true, she wanted it to mean.
With every day that came and went, her undeterred patience grew
The sole dream her eyes had dreamt, would come to her, she knew.

When rain poured down in huge rounded drops, she wept not a tear
Her faith in her dream- unmoved and still fresh, was imporous to fear.
Autumn gave way to the iciest winter ever, amidst the chill a dream began to burn
A shivering day dawned on a last breath, a loved one taken to a place of no return.

Summer marched in with its external glory replete, happily oblivious to the cruel cold
She was content wearing the envelope of silence, deaf to the proclaimed truths told.
Within her she witnessed her dream collapse, it fell down a precipice steep
She withdrew from hope with a resignation fatal, the hurt had been far too deep.

At the very edge of the cliff she stood, the salty coastal air she smelt.
The tumultuous blue sea raged down below, echoing the upheavals she felt.
She thought back to the day she dreamt, when hopes she would knit.
She thought of too, the resounding collapse and the agony that had hit.

She cared no more for her sole comrade, the solitude that had always been hers
Ended had she her store of endurance, her pains she longed to immerse.
A frenzy guided each step she took, led her to where she wanted to be
With a last sigh of relief and withdrawal, she jumped into the sea...


P@ul@mi said...

you expressed a lot, said a lot, meant a lot.

P@ul@mi said...

dropped by your blog yet again, but i guess this isn't the place where i would like to give my email id to. but will be coming back again. so when do i have the pleasure of reading your next post?

P@ul@mi said...

Letters have always been a fascinating thing. The pen making those lines which can express so much more. :)

P@ul@mi said...

p.s. isn't this poem the first for this month? doesn't that mean there is one more in store this month itself?? :P

P@ul@mi said...

yes i have read your letters :) and yes again you have one more post to go this month :P

Anonymous said...

Made me feel as if I was the one standing at the edge of the precipice. Chilling and deeply emotional. completely changed my mood.

Anonymous said...

If her friend is solitude, then it is the sign which many of her friends should have broken open.But then one thinks of leaving the person alone which is a great mistake.

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