Friday, January 2, 2009

The Beginning- Helen Steiner Rice

I wanted to start the year 2009 with an optimistic rhyme. Rather than starting the year with one of my silly rhymes, I thought I'll post a poem that has been written by one of my favourite poets of all time- Helen Steiner Rice. I've made some changes to this poem but they are negligible.

How often we wish for another chance
To make a fresh beginning
A chance to blot out our mistakes
And change failure into winning.

It will not take a new year
To make a brand new start
It only takes deep desire
To try with all our heart.

To live a little better
And to always be forgiving
And to add a little sunshine
To the world in which we are living.

So never give up in despair
And think that you are through
For there is always a tomorrow
And the hope of starting anew.

1 comment:

Bunny Rabbit said...

This is.. awe-inspiring! One of the most stirring.. rather, inspirational poems ever! I'm happy I get to visit your blog. Yay! =)

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