Saturday, January 17, 2009

So tired of trying...

So tired of trying,
Just want to be
A languid afternoon breeze,
A drowsy yawn,
A falling maple leaf,
on a dusky dawn.

So tired of trying
Just want to be
A forgotten lyric
A remembered fawn.
A pug-nosed sheep
With unkempt hair
and braided thoughts.

So tired of trying
Just want to be
An empty soul
An insignificant vowel
An umbrella torn on a rainy day..

So tired of trying
Just want to be
The next buffoon
The static nomad

So tired of trying
Just want to be
Left alone
No questions
No answers
No patience
No will.
So tired..
Dead tired.


Ravi D said...

Really good piece of work dude. So true for this fast life we all are living.


Ankit Desai said...

superbly written :-)

arcane said...

hey m doing well...i really liked ur blog!!!

Sayani said...

A very good one :)

But hope u won't mind if I say
So tired of trying
Need to shatter myth
And Look upon fresh
Its the time
to strike back again :)

Take care

arpita said...

Sheer brilliance...

Usha said...

A host of images flash by one's eyes, as one reads this lovely work of yours. Beautiful, as ever.

Nikhil said...

a nice structure. poetry defines a very hopeless state of affairs...

Tushar said...

This poem reminds me of a system of MEDITATION>
Its called SHIKAN TAZA
It means Sitting quetly and doing nothing.Most difficult thing to do. Telling billions of molecules in our sustem ,SIT QUIETLY AND DO NOTHING......NOTHING AT ALL.

Amitava said...

this has such a lyrical flow to it...
loved the use of bipolar statements...
nice work...


nice images..
very good.

Shruthi said...

One word..Brilliant..I like this post the best :D

Akanksha said...

First stanza; last line, looked forced. N the structure was once again great.

matt at shadow of iris said...

Your words seem to really flow here. I like the sound of the poem.

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