Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sunflower smiling said...(Haiku No.1)

Haiku is a Japanese lyric form that has seventeen syllables, arranged in 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables each; usually invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons (From

It consists of two sentences, separated by a puntuation mark, and usually, the last line holds a sort of key to the verse, a point to drive home so to speak.It is usually build around the beauty and feelings depicted by nature.

Kiss me please O sun,
As my being longs for thee,
Burn me not O please !


Tushar said...

Interesting one..a very different concept..good job!

arpita said...

Haiku's are my favourite form of poetry. Short, precise, meaningful, no fluff, to the point it is powerful like no other. And you have done a gud job with your writes too

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