Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Magic of Winter...

Fiery yellows and bright oranges,
Hallmarks of the sultry autumn..
Slowly give way to a heavenly white.
Replacing the days too bright.
Cold winds fondle the cheek
A luminous fire, the living room adorns
Snow falls peacefully down
While a somnolent moon looks on.

The world wears a glittering veil
All embellished with flakes of snow
Mornings chilly as the sun sleeps on
Crystals in place of dew drops at dawn.
Flocks of birds flying in the skies above,
And some staying behind to face tough days
Blossoms concealed till others emerge
The landscape varied in bountiful ways.

The evenings brooding and beautiful too
The deserted streets sans the kids’ games
The swing swinging alone in the empty park
The intensity of winter leaves its mark.
The sun will shine again, with vigour renewed
A new season will fresh hopes bring
Winter, with its snow and romance
Will give way to a beautiful spring.


Amitava said...

I see your imagery brushing strokes of perfection. I am still always unable to comprehend just how unique each and every one of your lines, they all portray nature in a most revolving manner. This poem does strike me as beautifully executed and very exquisitely penned down...

and I do so immensely love perusing these wonderful writes of yours... A poetic fan of yours you have made me....!

Tushar said...

Though i am not a fan of winter, u made me yearn for it now. magical and beautiful images its a treat reading it. Goodwork Wandering gypsy!

Nikhil said...

ah! you have made winter a sadness in the end for after sad comes cheer and so after winter comes spring!

then again you have said so much about its beauty! i love winters!

arpita said...

Beautiful and gentle...
I love winter, and u've brought out the magic of winter so well here!

Anonymous said...

first time here... and liked it...
firstly, nice name of blog and good template...!! :)

and a beautiful piece with the wonders of winter... could imagine it nicely and very beautifully written...!!

Beatrice V said...

Lovely imagery, I love the "somnolent moon"

Gabriel Gadfly said...

This is pretty good. I like some of the images. I think it could do with a little polish to remove the excessive gerunds.

For example, instead of "Flocks of birds flying in the skies above / and some staying behind to face tough days" you could easy change it to "Flocks of birds fly.../ and some stay behind."

Gerunds, as a rule, are like adverbs: they're neutral sounds that don't add to the music of the poem. Almost any poem can be improved by removing gerunds and adverbs.

Another example:

"The world wears a glittering veil" could be rewritten as "The world is veiled in glitter" or even merely, "The world glitters."

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